"Something's in the Forest!"

Something's in the Forest!

                               Legend has it that there's an evil presence lurking in the mountain forest of Amorlee.
                           The entire town is terrified of the immense eagle that is rumored to reside in the heart of the
                           woods...except one. She's Maryann Lufkin, an orphaned 9 year-old-girl who isn't afraid of the
                           gigantic bird because...it just so happens to be her father!

                                                                                 Return of the Sword

                                  The peaceful kingdom of Crystalia has been rocked by the appearance of Norlanx,
                           an evil sorcerer who's out for revenge. Retired captain-of-the-guard Galen Cummingsworth
                          (known as The Sword) has vowed to stay retired...until his only daughter is kidnapped by the fiend!
                          It's all here:  fire-breathing dragons, diabolical spells, magic duels to the death, and an ending
                          that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
                                                                                    The B'witched Mirror

                         Things aren't going well for 16-year-old Matthew Kinney. His mother is injured, her new birthday
                     gift is acting rather peculiar, and
nasty town banker Sylas Grees is threatening foreclosure on their
                     home. It's a race against time and a
mysterious floor-length mirror that holds the key to the fate
                     of all. Alice in Wonderland
never had days like this!

Saved by the Bell

                            Teenager Michael Bell has a problem. He's dead. But Mr. Arbogast in Heaven has a deal for Michael.
                      All he has to do is convince young runaway Linda Carlson to return home and he'll get a second
                      chance at life.
It sounds easy, but the end result could prove disastrous for the both of them.

                                                                                         52 Weeks

                           In the tradition of Dickens' England this dark tale reveals Lollhaven Academy. A foundling home and
                     school for abandoned children; a depressing dwelling where names are replaced by numbers. Stone-cold
straight-forward teacher Arthur Weeks finds his world challenged by a recent addition to the school:
                     a little girl
who has been re-named “52”.

                                                                                        Blast in the Past

                        The Golden Ruby. A very rare and old innocent looking jewel that holds untold power and glory, or
                    unbelievable destructive energy. The Jackal, a leader of maniacal dune pirates wants it, archaeologist
Pauls knows her father has it, and an unaware vacationer from the future, Paul Singer, finds
                    himself mixed into
the soup when all hell literally breaks loose.


                             A third-rate, down-on-his-luck magician gets some unusual help from the kid next door who
to know the secret of real magic. Together they turn the magical world upside-down,
                       but the price of fame
and the strains of a new partnership grow weary for the child who grows up
                       and discovers love...
and catastrophe!

Incident on Oaks Hollow Road

                        Do you believe in ghosts? Teenager Richard Tanner didn't...but he learns the hard way when he comes
                     face to face with the doomed spirit of a child that was killed by a hit-and-run drunk driver. Richard's
                     own car
is the key to where the killer is and it's up to him to track down the man and trick him into
                     re-visiting the
scene of the crime where the phantom is waiting.

January the 2nd

                         Elias January is a wonderful storyteller in the 1800's Old West. Both schoolchildren and adults love to
                    listen to him spin yarns and tall tales about strange and weird places. But Elias' past soon catches up
                    with him
in the form of two former co-workers that have been sent with orders to bring him back home
                    --to the 23rd

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